CREATE (Climate, Regional, Environmental, and Trade Economics) is a research center devoted to the study of climate change and environmental accounts based on system-wide techniques developed in regional economics and trade economics. The Center was formed with the recognition that climate change continues to have increasingly visible impacts on our society, and that anticipating and mitigating these impacts requires approaches that incorporate research agendas and expertise from multiple fields. Central to this effort is the consideration of the spatial, supply-chain and economic relationships that link regions and countries with one another, relationships which ensure that even local events might have global ramifications. The mission of CREATE is therefore to offer place-tailored impact measurements for the design of relevant adaptation and mitigation strategies, to foster system-based research in regional, environmental, and trade economics, and to provide a venue for researchers to share knowledge, findings, and resources.

The warming stripes in the CREATE logo are by Ed Hawkins, Climate Scientist at University of Reading. For each year over 1850-2018, a stripe’s color shows the global average temperature compared to the global average over 1971-2000. Blue means cooler, red means hotter.